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How the Bonus Depreciation Calculator Works

The bonus depreciation calculator is proprietary software based on three primary components:

1) in-depth understanding of the types and amounts of qualifying “short-life” assets,
2) statistical analysis and
3) our massive database resulting from completing over 10,000 cost segregation studies during the last twenty years.

O’Connor has completed cost segregation studies in almost every state in the U.S. and a number of other countries. In addition, our experts have completed depreciation studies for virtually every type of real estate. During over 10,000 cost segregation studies across the globe, we have taken every opportunity to identify all qualifying short-life property in virtually every type of real estate. Our goal is to attempt to find every legitimate type of short-life property as a result of site-inspections, reviewing architectural plans, and discussions with owners, management companies, and operations staff. O’Connor understands which property qualifies better than any other firm.

The president of our company, Patrick O’Connor, MAI, is co-author of Big Data and Real Estate – Be a Millionaire. He has been building databases and teasing insights from the data for over 35 years. No cost segregation firm has better experts to identify, gather into a database, and analyze large datasets to maximize their client’s tax savings.

Proceed with confidence given the expertise gained in over 10,000 cost segregation studies where O’Connor has a more intense process to identify the short-life property, combined with the resulting database and analytical ability to legitimately maximize your results.