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Getting a More Accurate Estimate of Bonus Depreciation

It’s simple and free to get a more accurate estimate of the bonus depreciation for your property:

  1. 15-minute call
  2. Receive analysis within several business days
  3. Understand the initial additional impact of bonus depreciation for your property
  4. Receive guidance of impact on sale
  5. Call us to discuss (free) if you want additional explanation.


Just call us with the cost basis, date of acquisition, and other information you believe is material.

We Prepare Free Preliminary Analysis

Our analyst will access street and aerial photography to better understand your property as well as consulting our database, IRS documents, and various public data sources. You typically receive the estimate within several business days.

Preliminary Analysis Typically Accurate within 10%

This preliminary analysis is free and is usually accurate within 10%. The trade is simple; you receive valuable information about saving hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in exchange for a short call.

Revel in Possibly Eliminating Your Income Taxes

Most owners are awe-struck by the power of bonus depreciation and cost segregation. It typically has a material impact on income taxes.

Call with Questions

Call for clarification if you have questions. The call and preliminary analysis are both free.